Spoken Word

Be blessed by the poetry of Sis. Starla Montoya. Her testimony is reaching and blessing many. Keep her in your prayers and check out her blog. For those struggling with homosexuality, God can set free…He did it for her & can do it for you!

Have a blessed weekend!
-Apostolic Mommy & Wife


Where did it go wrong? Where did it begin?

I had no way to control it, I was forced into sin.

With the touch of a man my innocence was shaken,

I lost myself and a part of my identity was taken.

Who will love me now that I’m broken?

Who will hear my prayers left unspoken?

So I settled for her and what I thought was love,

An internal battle of constant push and shove.

Played the part to feel a part,

Living a scripted roll, neglecting the tug in my heart.

The emptiness grew deeper, so I numbed my reality,

Inebriated without limit permitting my own spiritual fatality.

Depression embraced me, suicidal thoughts my dear friend,

A life microscopically broken with no hope to mend.

Walking through the valley of the shadow of death,                       

So cold and isolated I would breathe and see my breath.

I’m sure you’ve…

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