Studying the word with me…

Blessings dear reader!

Over the next following days I will be sharing with you a wonderful bible study: “Understanding & Teaching Apostolic Doctrine” by Josh Wilson. I strongly recommend joining us for the next couple of days – please share/re-blog and comment. Let us grow together through the word of God. So set aside some quiet devotion time, cozy up with a blanket, coffee/tea and have your bible and notebook ready  – Let’s dive in. May this bless many in the name of Jesus!

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Apostolic Mommy & Wife                                                                          Bible Study day 1 (12/21/16)


(*note: we will start off today with a simple & short introduction, feel free to write down/read the bible verses at the end….)

source: “Understanding & Teaching Apostolic Doctrine” by Josh Wilson.

 Erastus Salisbury Field was an American folk art painter of portraits, landscapes, and history pictures. The following quote is imprinted on his famous painting, “The Historical Monument of the American Republic,” in the bottom right corner: “The Bible is a brief recital of all that is past; and a certain prediction of all that is to come. It settles all matters of debate, resolves all doubts and relieves the mind of its hesitation. It reveals the only living and true God and points the unerring way to Him; it sets aside all other gods and exhibits the vanity and folly of those who trust in them. The Bible is a book of laws, to point out right and wrong; a book of wisdom that condemns all foolishness and vice; and a book of knowledge, which makes even the simple wise. It is a book of truth that detects all lies and confutes all error; and a book of life which leads in a sure way from eternal death. It contains the earliest antiquities, the strangest events, the most wonderful occurrences, heroic deeds, and unparalleled wars; it describes the celestial, terrestrial, and infernal worlds; the origin of angelic host, the human tribes and hellish legions. The Bible can instruct the most accomplished mechanic and the most skillful artist; it can teach the ablest rhetorician and exercise the powers of the most profound mathematician; it can perplex the wisest anatomist and confound the ablest critic. The Bible presents a complete code of laws, a perfect body of divinity and a narrative which has no equal. It is a book of lives, a book of travels and a book of voyages. It is the best covenant that was ever made, the best evidence that was ever given; the best deed that was ever signed; the best testament that was ever sealed. This book is the king’s best copy, the magistrates best rule, the parents best guide, the servants infallible directory, and the young man’s best companion. It is the school boy’s best spelling book and the learned mans master piece. It contains a choice grammar for the novice and deep sayings for the sage. It is the ignorant mans school master and the wise mans dictionary, it furnishes knowledge, witty inventions for the ingenious and dark sayings for the grave; and it is its own interpreter. It encourages the wise, the warrior and him that over shines; and promises an eternal reward to the conqueror. But that which crowns the whole is, its Author is without partiality and without hypocrisy; for in Him there is no variableness not shadow of turning. The Bible suits all orders, ranks and conditions of men. It speaks alike to the rich and the poor, to the honorable and the ignoble. The gifts of such a book is worthy of its Almighty Author; and exemplifies His justice and goodness the understanding of every rational being. Inexcusable is he who does not read, and unwise is he who gains no instruction; for to guilty man it is a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death.”

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“It is a book of lives, a book of travels and a book of voyages. It is the best covenant that was ever made, the best evidence that was ever given; the best deed that was ever signed; the best testament that was ever sealed.”

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2 Timothy 3:16-17

Psalm 119:105

Hebrews 4:12

Luke 11:28

Matthew 24:35

Psalm 33:4

John 7:38

*For more verses in reference to the truth & power of the word of God click here.


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