When a Mom Keeps a List of Her Mistakes

Blessings! I share with you a wonderful read for moms. Grab a coffee or tea and prepare to be encouraged. God is with us moms! This wonderful article is by: Becky Thompson for Proverbs31.org – Apostolic Mommy & Wife – … Continue reading

The Treasures God Longs to Give a Mom

Blessings to you reader! God has amazing treasures for moms! Be encouraged mama – every seed planted will give beautiful fruit one day, in JESUS’ NAME! Enjoy this wonderful article by Alicia Bruxvoort of proverbs31.org. Have an amazing Friday! -Apostolic … Continue reading

Bible Verses for DADS!

Bible Verses for Fathers We live in a day and in a culture that tries to minimize fathers.  Turn on many of the popular sitcoms on television today and the father is often viewed as the comic relief of the … Continue reading

The Freedom of Releasing Regrets

Have  a blessed Morning, may God’s grace be with you. I share with you a touching article by Amy Caroll regarding regrets. Let them go, hand them over to Jesus – so you may be free. Enjoy! -Apostolic Mommy & … Continue reading

Taking Small Children to Church

As a mother of three, I understand the frustration begins when getting little ones dressed at home to keeping them in their seat during a sermon. Some church members are caring and understanding, yet others seem to forget what it … Continue reading

Freebie! Printable: Children’s devotion time journal entries!

Apostolic Mommy & Wife has created a free printable that might come in handy for encouraging your child to make time for God. This colorful, kid friendly form has been created to encourage reading the bible, prayer time, setting daily … Continue reading

Keeping kids busy during SPRING BREAK!

The one thing they will cherish the most is you! Your voice telling stories, your morning prayers, your silly action songs and your hugs and cuddles! Those are the moments to cherish and not take for granted. Your 2016 Spring break with your kiddos will not come again, make the most of it! Just be mom. Continue reading

Not Falling In To The ANXIETY Trap!

Harness thought patterns. We talked about how fear is like a snowball rolling down a hill. The longer it rolls, the larger and faster it gets. When our son would start to panic, we’d say, “Let’s not let the snowball roll down the hill. Let’s talk about/think about something good.” Continue reading

This will make your day: Little Girl and her Duck!

Kylie who is only 5 years old and her adorbale duck Snowflake cannot be separated. Since snowflake was just a duckling he believed Kylie was his momma duck – can you believe that? Funny things is Kylie believes it too! … Continue reading