When His Luster Shines Through Our Lack

Happy Monday dear Reader! I share with you this morning a wonderful article by:  Alicia Bruxvoort for Proverbs 31 ministries. May it bless you and propel you forward to a wonderful week. love, Apostolic Mommy & Wife ____________________________________________ “Each time he … Continue reading

❤ Forgiveness❤

“Forgiving someone is making the decision to choose mercy and grace over bitterness and resentment. Since we’re so very aware of our own desperate need for grace, and because our God is a grace-filled, mercy-giving God, we must be willing … Continue reading

Bilingual Post: Be of Courage / Esforzaos

Blessings Apostolic Mommy & Wife Reader, Some of you may or may not know, I am bilingual (spanish & english speaking). My parents were born in Mexico (specifically from: Arteaga, Michoacan MX) and decided to migrate to the United Stated … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional -> Every Mother’s Son

One of the great commands in Scripture, and the first one with a promise, is the command to honor both father and mother. Both sons and daughters are called to this privilege and responsibility, but it is worth noting that … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional: God Invites You into His Happiness!

Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday Morning! Be encouraged by this wonderful article by Mark Jones (of desiringgod.org). It is God’s will you keep your joy and your happiness. There will be tough times – you won’t always feel … Continue reading

When I Don’t Feel Like I Measure Up

Blessings! I pray you have an amazing Wednesday, filled with the joy and the peace of the Lord! I share with you today an amazing article by: Renee Swope for proverbs 31 ministries. I know I need to remind myself of … Continue reading

Sunday Devotion: Give us Eyes For the Lonely!

Sunday Morning! Grab a cup of Joe, cozy up in a comfy spot and make time to meditate on God’s word. Make sure to keep your bible close by to refer to the bible verses and a notepad in case … Continue reading

Devastated but not Destroyed

Blessings to you and happy Thursday! The week is  winding down, and the weekend is so close we can almost smell it. This week may have been difficult for many – being a child of God does not mean life … Continue reading

Do You Ever Feel Unappreciated?

Happy Tuesday! I share with you an amazing article by Gwen Smith regarding feeling appreciated. I have a feeling many of us need to read this and be encouraged, encouraged by God’s word and his unwavering love towards us. His mercies … Continue reading

The Freedom of Releasing Regrets

Have  a blessed Morning, may God’s grace be with you. I share with you a touching article by Amy Caroll regarding regrets. Let them go, hand them over to Jesus – so you may be free. Enjoy! -Apostolic Mommy & … Continue reading