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This wonderful shell dress is surprisingly comfortable!

 It is available in black, navy and heather gray. All great options for layering. This product is very modest and is well under the knee. There is no need for an under shirt under this dress, this is truly a modest dress! The layering possibilities are endless. I went ahead a placed a flower print sweater on it for reviewing purposes, although it goes well with many other fashionable options and accessories.

The material is durable viscose and contains 10% spandex, which makes it extra comfy and easy to move around in. As a matter of fact I wore this dress to church today. I was able to sing, dance and shout to praise God’s name – All while feeling assured I was modestly covered.  It is absolutely “move around” friendly. This shell dress can be formal or casual depending on the accessories, this is a dress you can get very creative with…

Kosher Casual is trendy and appealing to all ages, marketing to mothers, wives, young adults and children. The company is reliable and professionally managed. Kosher Casual is setting high standards within the modest attire industry. This is definitely an apostolic / Pentecostal must have – it’s the casual comfy version of the “little black dress” except this one is modest!


To check out this dress and more modest attire visit:


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reviewpof copy

PEO / People of Faith Clothing Company is a wonderfully family owned, modest business. Every Product, shares a message of hope and it’s products are great conversation starters.

In a world that desperately is in need of hope, these are must haves. These shirts are for the “not ashamed”, for the brave and bold in Jesus Christ! For those who are ready to represent their faith through clothing.

I have had the privilege of wearing the shirts when going out to run errands and have been able to start conversations with others because of the wonderful messages on the shirts. My student’s especially enjoy reading the shirts. Just The other day while wearing the “I am nothing shirt” (which comes with a verse from Corinthians). I was impulsed to teach a small lesson about love, because my students were so interested about knowing what “If I don’t have love I am nothing” really meant… All because I was wearing a shirt with the verse.

Every product has a fun and creative Bible themed name. Every message is back up by the word.

This company is going places, it is quickly growing & adding products…

Congratulations to the owner, for such creative concepts and designs.

Keep up the wonderful work PEO!!!!

for awesome modest shirts and accessories visit:


If you are interested in having “Apostolic Mommy & Wife” review your modest product/s:

e-mail:  – for consideration

“We’re bringing modesty back!”

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