Parenting with Humility: Ask Your Child to Forgive You

Blessings reader, may God guide us to be the parents HE wants us to be. May we guide our children to God with humility and sincerity. Here’s a great read by author  David Mathis. Grab a coffee or tea & enjoy! Be … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional -> Every Mother’s Son

One of the great commands in Scripture, and the first one with a promise, is the command to honor both father and mother. Both sons and daughters are called to this privilege and responsibility, but it is worth noting that … Continue reading

Sunday Devotion: Give us Eyes For the Lonely!

Sunday Morning! Grab a cup of Joe, cozy up in a comfy spot and make time to meditate on God’s word. Make sure to keep your bible close by to refer to the bible verses and a notepad in case … Continue reading

Sunday Devotion: Enjoy Every Bite!

Blessings to you this Sunday Morning, make time for his word and devotion. Grab a coffee and meditate on the following article, which reminds us the importance of the “intake” of the word in our daily lives. The importance of … Continue reading