Studying the word with me…

“It is a book of lives, a book of travels and a book of voyages. It is the best covenant that was ever made, the best evidence that was ever given; the best deed that was ever signed; the best testament that was ever sealed.” Continue reading

Yahoo search: Why are Christians so….

Blessings, I share with you an eye opening experiment by Pastor Jacob Rodriguez of City Light Church in Mountain View, Ca. May it encourage us to open our eyes to what the world sees. May we be impulsed to change … Continue reading

Parenting with Humility: Ask Your Child to Forgive You

Blessings reader, may God guide us to be the parents HE wants us to be. May we guide our children to God with humility and sincerity. Here’s a great read by author  David Mathis. Grab a coffee or tea & enjoy! Be … Continue reading

Does Prayer Really Change Anything?

Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday! Setting time aside in your day to talk with God and study HIS word is essential in your christian walk. Make time for Jesus – grab your bible & notebook (& maybe coffee … Continue reading

Don’t Become a Modern Day Pharisee!

 At the bottom you find, definitions, Q & A’s  and bible references. Feel free to , share,comment, re-blog,  like, etc… DON’T BECOME A MODERN DAY PHARISEE! by: Sandy A. Lopez –  for Apostolic Mommy & Wife – 7/23/2016 This Bible … Continue reading

Verbal Abuse Is Still Abuse…

Blessings to you beloved reader,  I came upon a post that touched my heart. With permission I share it with you. May we shed some light on any form of abuse, towards any human being. We the church of Christ … Continue reading

Bilingual Post: Be of Courage / Esforzaos

Blessings Apostolic Mommy & Wife Reader, Some of you may or may not know, I am bilingual (spanish & english speaking). My parents were born in Mexico (specifically from: Arteaga, Michoacan MX) and decided to migrate to the United Stated … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional Thought: PERSISTENCE is VITAL

Perseverance in Christ will take you to fulfill your destiny, to open doors and unleash creativity that you did not know existed within you. Persevering through Christ (fervent prayer, fasting and the word) will allow you to come out of you physical strength and step into supernatural strength that is inexplicable and leads you to fulfill that what you have been called for. Continue reading

Don’t Let Seeds of Doubt Stall Your Jump of FAITH!

In this season of life I am in a position in which the Lord is opening my eyes to see new goals, a new vision. There is within me a desire to use my talents and gifts to further the kingdom! An … Continue reading

The Quiet Impact of One woman!

Blessings to you, it has been a while..but as many of you know I am an elementary school teacher. I am getting ready to close up the school year and have been extremely busy with end of the year activities … Continue reading