Studying the word with me…

“It is a book of lives, a book of travels and a book of voyages. It is the best covenant that was ever made, the best evidence that was ever given; the best deed that was ever signed; the best testament that was ever sealed.” Continue reading

A Generation Losing it’s Convictions


It is astonishing to me, that so many issues are widely accepted within society & churches of this generation. Yet when believers speak up in regards to biblical doctrine, holiness & convictions – many are offended and call them: radicals, exaggerated, uneducated, old-school, fanatics, cults, religious and irrelevant to society.

What has this nation come to? To stand for truth – now makes you an outcast..To speak the truth, means to recieve critizism.

I pray for a generation that will stand for truth, for a lifestye according to the word of God and not according to the currents of this world.

Interior & exterior modesty do matter, holiness is essential and continuosly teaching the truth of the Apostolic doctrine is necessary.

*In these last days – our persecution will come from our own… Yet only the strong one’s will remain standing.

I commend the preachers who speak the truth in a time where the truth no longer is accepted…their reward will come from the Lord..