Studying the word with me…

“It is a book of lives, a book of travels and a book of voyages. It is the best covenant that was ever made, the best evidence that was ever given; the best deed that was ever signed; the best testament that was ever sealed.” Continue reading

The Treasures God Longs to Give a Mom

Blessings to you reader! God has amazing treasures for moms! Be encouraged mama – every seed planted will give beautiful fruit one day, in JESUS’ NAME! Enjoy this wonderful article by Alicia Bruxvoort of Have an amazing Friday! -Apostolic … Continue reading

Do You Ever Feel Unappreciated?

Happy Tuesday! I share with you an amazing article by Gwen Smith regarding feeling appreciated. I have a feeling many of us need to read this and be encouraged, encouraged by God’s word and his unwavering love towards us. His mercies … Continue reading

Sunday Devotion: Enjoy Every Bite!

Blessings to you this Sunday Morning, make time for his word and devotion. Grab a coffee and meditate on the following article, which reminds us the importance of the “intake” of the word in our daily lives. The importance of … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Devotion!

Blessings to you this beautiful Sunday Morning! I encourage you to get to church, make time for the word of God in your life today! The act of congregating together with brethren with the purpose of spiritual growth and fellowship … Continue reading

How Should CHRISTIANS Respond to Caitlyn Jenner?

Former Olympic champion, and current pop celebrity, Bruce Jenner, revealed in a recent interview his lifelong struggle with gender confusion. This week he announced that he is changing his public identity from male to female, his given name from Bruce … Continue reading