When Motherhood Leaves You Wanting…

Enjoy a wonderful article by: Stacy Salbery for Proverbs31 ministries. I am sure many moms can relate! Love, Apostolic Mommy & Wife  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – … Continue reading

Summer Time Fun!

Blessings! It’s time for some SUMMER FUN ideas! Here are just a few of my favorites to inspire you and your family to get out and make memories! Have an amazing SUMMER! ENJOY / SHARE / LIKE & COMMENT – … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional -> Every Mother’s Son

One of the great commands in Scripture, and the first one with a promise, is the command to honor both father and mother. Both sons and daughters are called to this privilege and responsibility, but it is worth noting that … Continue reading

The Treasures God Longs to Give a Mom

Blessings to you reader! God has amazing treasures for moms! Be encouraged mama – every seed planted will give beautiful fruit one day, in JESUS’ NAME! Enjoy this wonderful article by Alicia Bruxvoort of proverbs31.org. Have an amazing Friday! -Apostolic … Continue reading

The Freedom of Releasing Regrets

Have  a blessed Morning, may God’s grace be with you. I share with you a touching article by Amy Caroll regarding regrets. Let them go, hand them over to Jesus – so you may be free. Enjoy! -Apostolic Mommy & … Continue reading

20 Encouraging Verses for Moms!

20 Encouraging Scriptures for Moms Every mom needs a pick-me-up when times get tough. Lean into Scripture with these perfect selections to encourage your heart. These verses apply wonderfully to the multi-tasking role we’re called to. I’ve shared a brief thought … Continue reading

It Can Be Hard to Love Difficult Peope

As a Teacher, I have been placed in many situations in which I am confronted with diverse characters and personalities (students/parents/staff). Some pleasant some not. Yet I am learning give kindness and encourage all, for all are creation of God … Continue reading


Her question caused me to reflect on the magnitude of God’s enduring love. I was able to respond to her the same way my heavenly Father responds to me, “There is nothing you can do that would make me stop loving you. I will always love you.” Continue reading

Blurred Vision…

Blurred Vision How many times in our lives does desperation and confusion invade our minds? Although we are serving the Lord and attempting our best to grow spiritually, there is a stall, a rock in the middle of the road. There … Continue reading