Sundy Devotional: When I Feel Like A Fraud

Blessings to you dear reader, Grab a coffee or some tea, a comfy place, your bible and perhaps a notepad – it’s to to begin our Sunday devotional. Today I share with you from an amazing devotion by: KRISTI WOODS. … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional: The Power of Your Testimony!

Blessings reader! There is great power in your testimony – it is not a simple story of your past or dark time in your timeline. Your Test or trial can now bless and encourage someone, can wants to use you. … Continue reading

Sunday Devotional: God Invites You into His Happiness!

Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday Morning! Be encouraged by this wonderful article by Mark Jones (of It is God’s will you keep your joy and your happiness. There will be tough times – you won’t always feel … Continue reading

Sunday Devotion: Give us Eyes For the Lonely!

Sunday Morning! Grab a cup of Joe, cozy up in a comfy spot and make time to meditate on God’s word. Make sure to keep your bible close by to refer to the bible verses and a notepad in case … Continue reading

Sunday Devotion: Enjoy Every Bite!

Blessings to you this Sunday Morning, make time for his word and devotion. Grab a coffee and meditate on the following article, which reminds us the importance of the “intake” of the word in our daily lives. The importance of … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Devotion!

Blessings to you this beautiful Sunday Morning! I encourage you to get to church, make time for the word of God in your life today! The act of congregating together with brethren with the purpose of spiritual growth and fellowship … Continue reading