Sunday Devotional: The Power of Your Testimony!

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Its Hard to Let Go!

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The Happy Ending to our Sad Story

When she stepped down from the stage and back into the audience, I made a beeline for her, and blurted out the thought that overwhelmed me. “Not only do I not think less of you because of your story,” I said, “It has magnified God for me!” Continue reading

Pull the Mask off of Fear

“We live in a broken world where really bad things really do happen, even (and sometimes especially) to people who really love Jesus. Fear exists because sin has broken this world and distorted it, leaving much beyond our control. We are finite creatures, and fear has become part of our makeup. We can’t avoid fearful feelings in our dependent state.” Continue reading



Exodus 2:10 NLT

Later, when he was older, the child’s mother brought him back to the princess, who adopted him as her son. The princess named him Moses, for she said, “I drew him out of the water.”

Moses’ Story

The story of Moses’ is quite fascinating (note that there are 42 similarities between Moses and Jesus).

His birth (like Jesus) occurs against the backdrop of a horrific, recurring event in history when a power-hungry King attempts to extinguish the Jewish nation by genocide.

Moses is then placed in little ark and sent up the Nile River as his biological birth mother attempts to bypass the genocide. This part of the story has not been overlooked at all as many sermons have been built around Moses’ little Arc and how his biological mother [Jochebed] took action to save him.

Jochebed loved him so much that she wanted to save him; even if that meant having him raised by another woman.  Moses was not abused, he was loved, however he was in harmful conditions…therefore abandonment was necessary.

Jochebed could not stand by and watch her baby being killed nor was she able to secure his life either. So she made a little basket of reeds; applied pitch to it so that it would not leak, put her baby in it, and set him adrift to become an orphan on the providence of God.  “She risked everything to save him”!  Surely, if caught, she too would be have been sentenced to death

On the other side of the story there too was a risk – the risks taken by Pharoah’s daughter.  I’d like to make a few points from the other side of this beautiful portrait, taken from the unnamed princess of Egypt who also took a risk.

Since there’s not much text surrounding her, so most of my points today are implied.

I want to believe that…

Her Risk was motivated by a Dream
After years of trying… maybe she and her husband couldn’t have a child.  As the daughter of a King, certainly she had the power to adopt any Egyptian baby she wanted.  Maybe she did go out and entertain some possibilities…but nothing touched her heart.  Certainly [as with King David] she could have created her own opportunity. She probably went to birthday party after birthday party [or baby shower]; and these celebrations just reminded her of what she didn’t have. Maybe the dream of pregnancy was fading further and further; and like the car you pass on the freeway her dream began to shrink and fade away.

My wife and I can certainly relate to her emotional status.  Wherever she was at in life…she had a dream of parenthood!  When your dream outweighs the risk; you have to do something about it! There is a clock inside of you that says “DO IT…NOW”.  NOW FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.  God isn’t going serve up your dream on silver platter…it takes a RISK and ACTIVITY!

Noah took a risk that the ARK would float and he built!
Joshua took a risk that the walls of Jericho would fall and he marched!
Elisha took a risk that his GOD would show up and he built an altar and God consumed it with FIRE!
So her risk was motivated by a DREAM

I want to believe that…

Her Risk was motivated by Love

It’s easy to love a child that is from your DNA.  Because you know he/she is going to have your smile.  Because you know he/she is going to have your hair or height.  Birthed love in INSTINCTIVE – meaning that emotion came in your DNA

Adoption Love is different.  Adopted love is IMPLANTED – meaning it comes from God.  The fact that God sometimes brings a child into your home that looks like you, is the cherry on top… but adoption love is quite different, it comes from the Lord and the responsibility is up to you to choose it.  This is the case with Pharaoh’s Daughter, when she laid her eyes upon him, immediately GOD implanted motherly love in her and she chose him. See, it’s one thing to think another persons baby is cute, it’s another to fall in love with it to the point where you are willing to take a risk [CHOSEN LOVE].

Adoptive love is a love that transplanted into the Heart by GOD.  This princess loved Moses because God put it in her heart.  There is no other reason why she would adopt a slave-baby in the middle of a national conflict, where there was segregation and racism. It could have only been God.

Julie and I [and others] know that feeling of Implanted Love ….Implanted Love is indescribable and amazing, because it’s also SALVIC, meaning it’s a SAVING LOVE. You are actually SAVING a child.  You are most likely breaking generational curses.  You are rescuing the child from a life of dark sin and emotional uncertainty.  I think that once she saw the little guy stuck in a hopeless, helpless, vulnerable, position, she immediately fell in love with him.

His birth mother [Jochebed] risked her life to save his life.
His adoptive, Egyptian mother risked the wrath of her father, the Pharaoh to save his life.

Her risk was motivated by LOVE!  Jesus’ also took risk of adoption that was also founded on Love. God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.   HIS risk was motivated by LOVE! Nails didn’t hold HIM on the cross, it was LOVE “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son”.  And His love is more amazing because, in our sinful state, we didn’t look as cute has Moses…We were hung up, dried up, and filthy with sin…YET HE TOOK A RISK AND DIED ON A CROSS FOR YOU…HOPING THAT ONE DAY YOU’D LOVE HIM BACK!

I want to believe that…

Her Risk was driven By Love
In the case of National Pride (and Goliath), David said ‘is there not a cause?’  What causes you to have sleepless nights? What causes you spiritual frustrations? Do you care if neighborhoods and communities are going to Hell?  Does it bother you that the Lords house is often neglected and needs work?  What gives you spiritual heartburn?

Her RISK was driven by Love.  She was driven by dream of motherhood and was willing to take a risk.  For Julie and I, love drove us to the airport where we for 2nd time picked up a baby…We still believed in our dream, and it was worth the RISK.

Adopting a Hebrew Boy was a GINOMROUS Risk.  No doubt this went against her fathers wishes..she may even hid Moses.  She took a risking up against her fathers mandate, but she was driven by Love.

I believe that…

Her Risk created Vulnerability.  Taking RISKS challenges the unknown.  Risk will confront our comfort – and will push us to FACE OUR FEARS.  You may want and desire a HELPMATE, but taking the RELATIONSHIP RISK will make you face your fear of DISSAPOINTMENT because we feel vulnerable when we face our fears..

It’s a risk because you are pealing back and exposing your heart like an onion.  There is the fear of the unknown….The fear of another rejection..She fell in love with a child that was not hers and this created vulnerability.

Adoption Love is a [Vulnerable Love]
In Adoptions there are no guarantees.
Until the order is stamped/sealed by the Judge, nothing is really final.
For many nights the fear of REJECTION haunted us.

Our love for the child had to be greater than the fear of the unknown.  Our vulnerability was our heart; yours might be your checkbook or your reputation. It depends on your VENTURE/DREAM.  According to psychiatric reference books, there are approximately two thousand classified fears.  I see it this way…that there are approximately two thousand miracles on the other side of these fears!

“You will never defeat what you do not confront.”

Whether its the first time you dive off a diving board or the first time you preach Whether it’s the a sermon – you will never defeat what you don not confront.  Whether it’s first time you get on the freeway with your car or the first time you get up and sing a solo…you will never defeat what you do not confront.  Go All In!

Cut the credit cards
Register for college
Apply for that business license
Take a missions trip
Write the book

There are people who live their entire Christian lives playing it safe.

I wouldn’t have daughter if I played safe!

Can you imagine how many blessings are on the other side of your vulnerability!

By the grace of God, Pharaoh must have accepted Moses into his court and allowed his daughter to raise him has her own; and he became mighty!  Moses went from a…Refugee to Royalty, a Pilgrim to a Prince

Pharoah’s Daughter rescued Moses because She loved him!

She drew a pro and con’s list and in the end – LOVE won.

By: “C3 0f San Jose” Pastors – Julie & Steven Rodriguez
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Listen to the matching sound cloud by Pastor Steven Rodriguez, within the same topic of Adoption. It is titled: “Rescued by Love”

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