When His Luster Shines Through Our Lack

Happy Monday dear Reader! I share with you this morning a wonderful article by:  Alicia Bruxvoort for Proverbs 31 ministries. May it bless you and propel you forward to a wonderful week. love, Apostolic Mommy & Wife ____________________________________________ “Each time he … Continue reading

The Quiet Impact of One woman!

Blessings to you, it has been a while..but as many of you know I am an elementary school teacher. I am getting ready to close up the school year and have been extremely busy with end of the year activities … Continue reading

Devastated but not Destroyed

Blessings to you and happy Thursday! The week is  winding down, and the weekend is so close we can almost smell it. This week may have been difficult for many – being a child of God does not mean life … Continue reading

Shared Article: A Chain of Courage

I share with you a wonderful empowering article by: Lynn Cowell for proverbs31 ministries. Many God fearing women before you demonstrated courage in the midst of adversity. Godly women before you stood tall and did what was just. You can … Continue reading

I’m Really Afraid

Blessings dear reader! I share with you a wonderful article today by Lysa TerKeurst. Many situations can cause fears and anxieties, but it is through God’s word, prayer and the encouragement of others we can overcome. We are victorious! We … Continue reading

I Don’t Feel Like Being Nice!

Blessings to you reader! How hard it is to humble oneself and be kind to others when they are purposely trying to hurt you. How hard it is to refrain from using hurtful words, when someone is trying to disrespect … Continue reading

20 Bible Verses for WOMEN!

One of the definitions of beauty at dictionary.com is “a beautiful person, espe-cially a woman”. I would agree when we think of beauty in a person we generally think of women, however we can see beauty in the actions of … Continue reading

It Can Be Hard to Love Difficult Peope

As a Teacher, I have been placed in many situations in which I am confronted with diverse characters and personalities (students/parents/staff). Some pleasant some not. Yet I am learning give kindness and encourage all, for all are creation of God … Continue reading

When My Mind Says “You Failed”

Be encouraged, God made you to be a victorious child of God! You can have confidence in Christ regardless of what others say or you may believe… Enjoy this wonderful article by Lynn Cowell for proverbs 31 ministries! Be blessed … Continue reading

A Beautiful Woman Is a Person, Not a Body

A Beautiful Woman Is a Person, Not a Body   Blessings! Today I share with you a wonderful article and video clip by:  John Piper. Woman of God you are beautiful and wonderfully created by God for an amazing purpose! Enjoy, … Continue reading