Kid’s printables!


  1. Free Devotional time – Journal Entry


Apostolic Mommy & Wife has created a free printable that might come in handy for encouraging your child to make time for God. This colorful, kid friendly form has been created to encourage reading the bible, prayer time, setting daily goals and keeping track of answered prayers/met goals.

On each journal entry, your child may enter the date and a prayer request (after a moment of prayer). They can note down the verse/s read for the day and set personal goals. Children are also encouraged to mark off prayers requests as God answers them (with a star, check mark or even stickers!). Your child can do the same for goals that are reached!

So feel free to click on the link and print for free. Print as many as you need. You can staple the pages together  or cut out the daily entries and create them into a small and neat booklets for your child/children. Entries are set up as 3 per page for your convenience.

We hope it blessed you! Feel free to email us pictures of your kids using this cool tool, and we would be thrilled to post them on our free printable page for our readers to enjoy!

click here to print for free: devotional_entry_kids